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Thank God It's Friday lyrics


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     Thank God It's Friday
    >> R Kelly
        Finally the weekend's come and everything is goin' down
    Nine to five and now it's time for me to get around
    Good poppin', ain't no stoppin', everybody's in the mood
    Mind blowin' once you feel the music startin' to get to you
    Disco nights, party lights- it's all good for me
    Thank God it's Friday, party lights, Friday nights feelin' right
    It's a party; thank God it's Friday
    Party lights, Friday night feelin' right; it's a party
    Throw your hands up if you're ready to get down and jam tonight
    Music's got ya jumpin' and you're feeling not a care tonight
    Keep goin', don't you stop, just let this volume get in you
    Take some time out for yourself and let this Friday get to you
    Disco nights, party lights- it's all good for me
    Oh god, thank you for Friday; oh thank you heavenly Father
    Oooh so many people lookin', lookin' for the spot
    There's a party over here
    So many people lokin' for the party spot
    If you find it, let me know and I'll be there until I drop
    Valet parking at the club- it lets you know it's Friday night
    People swayin', music playin' and this weekend feels so right, yeah
    My sistas, enjoy your weekend and may God bless all of you
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